Born in Ireland to an Irish mother and an Indian father, Sarah Packiam was raised with a multicultural and biracial identity. Her father a blues guitarist, her inspiration for picking up the guitar. Her mother, a poet, the driving force behind Sarah’s songwriting. Over the years, her experience as a biracial female artist has motivated her to promote and support diversity and other female artists. On International Women’s Day 2019, Sarah released “She’s a Riot”, in honor of women who have paved the way for current and future generations. 

Apart from Touring with her own music as a singer-songwriter throughout Europe, South America, and the USA performing her own songs, Sarah has also been a background singer/ guitarist performing with Shakira. 

Most recently, Sarah has had the privilege of being a host on HBO’s  International Emmy nominated show “A Tiny Audience”, which officially premiered in the USA in February 2020 and just finished filming it's 4th season.  On the show, Sarah in her Spanglish vibes, and two other hosts interview famous Latin musicians before an intimate audience. In an unexpected and exciting turn of events, during one interview, Colombian superstar, Juanes, handed Sarah his guitar and asked her to sing one of her own songs for him.

Ultimately, no matter the gig, show, or song,  Sarah’s goal is to spread her message of positivity, with a touch of pop, folk, and rock and roll.  Listen to Sarah's music on Spotify.